Sunday, January 30, 2011

found: crochet poncho

source: m.corkill

motifs and I have a history of not liking each other. perhaps it's more of a one-sided dislike, not sure if the motifs hate me more than I hate them though. it's nice to finish a small motif but joining them all together is such a pain. I am yet to finish a project that is made of motifs. I'd like to one of these days. hopefully something similar to the crochet poncho shown above. it looks so warm and perfect.


  1. hi, gene! i just want to welcome you. i love your layout, simple yet elegant ang dating. i want to follow this sana pero wala pa yung gfc mo. balik na lang ako for that. enjoy blogging!

  2. thanks rossel! sabi ko na nga ba may nalimutan ako! will let you know later.

  3. wow this is beautiful... kaw po ba gumawa nito ate?

  4. @grace I wish! Sadly, that's just for inspiration purposes. Found it in flickr.