Monday, November 7, 2011

Benedique's Crocheted Beanie Giveaway

Eek! Not a project update. My projects are still in their work in progress boxes, collecting dust. Bad procrastinator as usual. But it's so cold recently and all I want is do lazy stuff. You know, read books, surf online and watch movies. I know, lazy mode for this mommy.

But before you decided to skip on this entry, look at the cute crocheted beanie below. Don't you wish you have that little thing on your daughter's head? I know you want to. And it could be your (or my) lucky day to take this cutie home if you join Benedique's giveaway.

crocheted beanie giveaway
Image swiped from Benedique's blog. 

The beanie was made with love by her mom Mirage. She's giving it away + $10. Also if you visit her blog and leave comments here and there, you might win another prize for being a top commentator for the month. 

To join the contest, click on the beanie image above and follow the instruction in the Rafflecopter form.


  1. Thanks for joining!

    Ps. joined this blog via gfc. - Mirage

  2. So in love of this! do you wanna follow each other?:X